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Merlefest Hillside Album Hour 2011: Eat A Peach
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01. Ain't Wastin' Time No More
02. Les Brers In A Minor
03. Melissa
04. Mountain Jam
05. One Way Out
06. Trouble No More
07. Stand Back
08. Blue Sky
09. Little Martha
10. Whipping Post
Take a gorgeous, sun-drenched day under a perfect Carolina blue sky, add a hillside filled with about 5000 music lovers, toss in lead vocals by Joan Osborne and the incomparable keyboard work of John R. Burr, a dash of the Wailin' Jennys on backing vocals, a shot of Larry Atamanuik on drums, season liberally with The Waybacks' stellar chops and trademark energy, stir it all up with the Allman Brothers' classic recording, Eat A Peach, and you've got the makings for the tasty 2011 Hillside Album Hour. Get your full dose here!