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Merlefest Hillside Album Hour 2023: Getting In Tune
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Our expansive MerleFest 2023 Hillside Album Hour interpretation of The Who's "Who's Next" features The Waybacks and Friends - Celia Woodsmith, Sam Bush, Jens Kruger, Red Young, Jim Lauderdale , and Ali McGuirk.

We had an absolute blast on that fine sunny spring day. We brought the rock and the Hillside Stage crowd most definitely brought the roll!

Here's what the fans are saying:

"Unbelievable Album Hour! Perhaps the most rocking yet. What a fine show. Only superlatives!!! And the tributes to Lindley, Crosby, Beck, and Bacharach were SO well done and are So appreciated. Thank you for hitting it out of the park (again) yet continuing to somehow reach still higher highs! In awe! Thank You all!" - Phillip Zisook

"Thank you for another great show! I love your complex arrangements and how you interweave snippets of songs as tribute to those who’ve passed. It keeps me guessing and it’s just wonderful. Thank you so much!!" - Rita Clement

"Outstanding!!! Loved it! Celia Woodsmith nailed it!" - Debra Ann White