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Being A Teenager In The 1950s Was Hard. The Everly Brothers Understood

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Such lightheartedness symbolically diffused the very real tensions between parents and children that inevitably arose as teenagers fulfilled society s mandate to remake themselves. Worse, parents were encouraged to use their interactions with their teens as a form of self-improvement.

And in a sense, this period is as critical for the parent as it is for the teen-ager himself. This might be clearest, musically, in "Cathy s Clown," the duo s first single for Warner Brothers and the most memorable No. What grabs the listener first about "Cathy s Clown" is that harmony line — what the pianist and author Chris Ingham calls a "distinct pealing effect," as in a bell pealing, that results from Phil s static upper harmony interacting with Don s descending one.

It s the sound of someone getting stuck in a moment even as he shows the world he can keep moving. It s the sound of emotional damage. Musicologists have identified "Cathy s Clown" as an important stepping stone in popular music.

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Jay Summach called it one of the first rock-era songs that goes beyond the simple verse-chorus verse structure in pursuit of both narrative development and that particularly resonant feeling of masculine pride dented by rejection.

The momentum in "Cathy s Clown" can t be resisted, yet the harmonies and Phil s grave voice on the verses set up a pull against it, a tidal sense of doubt about love and its consequences. Teenagers were still told that their destinies were tied up in marriage and family, and working class kids, especially, began pursuing these roles very early.

But many began to question things. The music of the Everly Brothers honored those doubts by showing that the experience of being in your head, of dreaming different possibilities and thinking things through, was a profound reality as relevant to the maturation process as was the pull of tradition or the influence of adults.

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The Everly Brothers charted the vicissitudes of the teenage heart like no other duo, but they had peers. They were close with Buddy Holly and traded songs with him; while the Everlys perfected the adolescent interior monologue, Holly played around with the notion of what it meant to be articulate.

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His playful, almost childlike way of singing, echoing the exploratory twang of his guitar, mimicked the stop-and-start expressive rush of a young lover arguing his case. Free membership has plenty of features.

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