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What Janine knows for certain is the tragic series of events that led to her incarceration and that the road ahead, like that for many formerly incarcerated people in Alabama, will be challenging.

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The documents note Janine, Williams and a teenager with them ran from the store. But Janine said she never went inside the store. Before the shooting, Janine describes a night where the trio went out to enjoy a few parties. I didn t think anything of it.

Paroled after 16 years, Alabama woman finally begins life as an adult

Then I hear gunshots and I see the lady run out of the store … I jumped out of the car. Janine was later arrested along with Williams and Calhoun, and charged with capital murder.

The charge implies intent to kill — despite Janine contending that she never went into the store where the murder occurred. She waited in Bullock County Jail for almost two years while Williams stood trial.

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He was convicted of felony murder and sentenced to life in prison. The young teen with them was tried as a juvenile. Janine said he served only a couple of years. She said. I ended up still having an [end of sentence] date in the end.

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Now, before they got cameras, I didn t like a lot of the excessive treatment that the officers gave inmates, you know, beating on them, talking to them crazy and stuff like that.

It was mostly [male corrections officers] that I had seen … beat on [the incarcerated women], break arms, do all kinds of stuff to women. What can she do anyway? Normally — and rightfully — the Yellowhammer State is considered the most religious state in the United States with numerous Protestant Christians and Baptists hedge to hedge.

Therefore, be prepared that adult dating manners in Alabama are rather strict and not as open-minded as in other parts of the US. So behave correspondingly, mind your P s and Q s as well as show respect for local customs to enjoy your stay in this amazing state to the fullest extent.

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