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The Integration Foundation advises those who are interested in or planning to return to Estonia as well as those who have already started their new lives in the country. Tarmo was himself born and raised outside of Estonia and spent many years actively promoting all things Estonian before moving to the country a few years ago and taking up permanent residence here.

You can contact Tarmo by e-mailing tarmo.


They will find out about old traditions, rituals and beliefs as well as folk music, songs and song-based games. The study programme is being organised by the Estonian Folk Culture Centre. You can contact the centre by e-mailing eestikeelemaja integratsioon.

One new way of doing so is the Book Club, while another is a fun form of language practice that has been launched in a local club in cooperation with the Kalamaja community.

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They described the get-together as a true theatre experience. The aim of the gathering was to amass information on the Estonian language studies for adults taking place in Tartu, to analyse their scope and how much they are needed by target group and to agree on further cooperation.

Not all persons are in South Africa with conscious intentions here to stay. There are those who would want to go back home when their business is done. Issuing birth certificates is handled with utmost care as it serves to confirm nationality.

Science communication

In some instances, it may go against aspirations of parents or of children when they become adults. It is not for us therefore to prevent affiliation of individuals to their nations, where they are citizens. Governments implement rights in accordance with their national laws and international obligations. This depends on the context and country. South Africa is no exception.

Sustainable laser-based technology for insect pest control

Using engineered microorganisms implies sometimes using genetically modified microorganisms and their products in our daily life. We wanted to get an opinion from the general public on this often sensitive and controversial issue.

The several feedback from the public allowed us to point out our mistakes and our strengths in the conception of this exhibition. It taught me things about an area that interests me.

Good luck! Feedbacks informed us of the strengths and weaknesses of our posters that we have taken into account and that future iGEM teams should consider. The target public was mainly scientific professors from the Paul Sabatier University and visiting researchers. We could not organize a vernissage as planned because sanitary restrictions went more strict some days before the date. We had the chance to create a dialogue with the public, which helped us to improve our media and our approach.

Brukinsa FDA Approval History

In particular, we have awakened the interest and curiosity of many young people, which was one of our objectives. Perhaps we even have created vocations!

Virtual exhibition Exploring the role of microbiology and synthetic biology in space and making it accessible for everyone despite the sanitary situation. Virtual exhibition Aim: cover the entire world with an online exhibition in French and in English Target: worldwide people Where and when?

English version Click here for fullscreen version. Due to the current sanitary situations, our aim was to allow people that could not attend our exhibition and reach people from all over France and the World to be able to benefit from our exhibition.

Reaching an international and different public was important for us as many countries are involved in space exploration and space synthetic biology.

October 2019

Readers, if they wish, are able to learn in depth about the topics that interest them most through a user-friendly interface. We also included some pictures taken by the Astroclub association INSA Toulouse in order to carry a student initiative and immerse the public into the cosmos. This year has been special for all of us but it is important, and especially nowadays, to create new online reach outs compatible with the current situation.

We made our exhibition inclusive and accessible for everyone around the world for people that have access to the internet and we are proud to have created new ways of reaching out to the public while spreading our message which highlight the role of synthetic biology in space missions.

Promoting our project Keeping the general public informed about our iGEMINI project through social media, press articles, events and video support. Showing that students from Toulouse undertook projects to solve challenging problems. The team has used these platforms to reach and engage people from France and other iGEM teams.

Brukinsa FDA Approval History

We decided to include our followers during our project discovery using quizzes and a short trailer to make them guess which issue we wanted to tackle. Our goal was to involve as much as possible the public in our project.

For this, we created a competition to find a name for our mascot, Cosmos. It is also a very good vector to create interest, especially among wannabe scientists and inhabitants of our region, Occitanie.