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However, over the past decade or so, there have been great changes in the perception of the public toward people with cognitive disabilities and their social and sexual rights.

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Some of this has occurred because people with disabilities are now so much a part of every community and neighborhood. We interact with people with disabilities at home, at school, at the mall and when we go out for a meal. They are people we know as people, not just as their disability, and we are able to see people with Down syndrome as individuals who are a lot like us. The media, Hollywood, TV and print coverage now provide a more understanding and informed depiction of the social concerns of this population.

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The public is always more accepting if individuals with or without cognitive disabilities display behavior that conforms to socially accepted norms. The goal of a social and sexual education should be to help individuals with cognitive disabilities develop a healthy and positive social and sexual awareness. Education should empower the individual to make appropriate decisions that contribute to their overall happiness and quality of life.

Parents can start teaching their children certain social readiness skills even at a very young age. They should be educated about the natural consequences of choices and be given age-appropriate opportunities to make decisions.

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