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Older woman Many of the men in the focus groups supported the perception that they were not interested in commitment at this point in their lives. Settling was operationalized by a few women as wanting committed relationships, but accepting other relationships The ground rules are already set.

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One younger man expressed that the temptation of being on a campus dominated by women complicated committed relationships: I think a large majority of that has to do with the fact that you know men are the minority here.

For what? Power was seen as an important factor in the development of sexual attitudes, types of relationship involvement casual vs. Some of participants indicated that because a higher number of women are available on campus, men, in general, hold more power in the relationship. Like they make it a competition like you know she over there doing other things that you need to be doing. Older woman Power dynamics within certain types of relationships were discussed and distinctions between committed and casual relationships were found.

The general perception among men in both the younger and older groups was that as a younger man you have more power because women are trying to form committed relationships with you, and they have not reached a level of professional success yet. Once women reach a certain level of professional success, the dynamics often change.

Our findings present needed information about African American emerging adults attending an HBCU and their dating experiences by examining mate availability and relationship involvement, and their connection to sexual decision making and behavior.

This gender imbalance appeared to influence the development and maintenance of romantic and sexual relationships for the participants.

Interracial Intimacy

The women in our study used strategies such as dressing a certain way and agreeing to engage in certain types of relationships desirable by men The issue of acceptability versus availability of mates was discussed during the focus groups.

Taken together, these challenges can have deleterious consequences for sexual decision making and behavior among women. As a result of the gender ratio imbalance, women were more likely to accept undesirable behaviors from men in exchange for relationship engagement. Women who will go to great lengths to compete with other women may find themselves engaging in risky sexual behavior such as concurrent partnerships and unprotected sexual intercourse. Two of the three tenets, sexual division of power and cathexis, were evident in the responses given by students.

The sexual division of power posits that a disparity in power between men and women facilitates the perception by women that they have little control over sexual decision making and behaviors. An imbalance in power dynamics emerged as a contributing factor to the type of relationship students were involved in, and the types of behavior they engaged in. Both men and women felt men had more power in casual relationships which were thought to be the most prevalent on campus because, numerically, they were in greater demand.

Factors Influencing Dating Experiences Among African American Emerging Adults

Being in limited supply provided men with the power to define the type of relationships they engaged in with women. This inequity of power also resulted in women having lowered expectations for commitment and fidelity by men.

In our study, commitment or being in a committed relationship was equated with monogamy among women and older men in the focus groups but not among younger men. Both commitment and monogamy are multifaceted concepts and require more exploration among emerging adults. Both men and women in our study acknowledge the conditional power that men hold when they are in greater demand.

The men were aware of statistics that indicate African American women are outpacing African American men in education and income. However, there was a realization, and acknowledgment, that this perceived or actual power they have on campus may fade as they age. Cathexis refers to the norms that govern appropriate behavior and attachment. The sexual community on HBCU campuses are much like the broader African American communities in that the gender ratio imbalance intensifies power imbalances within relationships that may manifest in women feeling less able to negotiate safer sex These lack of alternatives Implications for Working With Emerging Adults on Campuses Although participation in dating and relationship experiences are a natural part of the college experience for students, we must keep in mind that the development of attitudes, expectations, and behaviors are carried with them throughout adulthood.

While the students in our study seemed to be aware of the gender ratio imbalance and power dynamics, and how it can impact sexual decision making and behavior, it is not clear how much forethought about these decisions and behavior is taking place. It is important to make sure our young people understand that dating and forming relationships is important; however, the development of positive self-esteem and self-worth, standards, goals, and aspirations are just as important.

The romantic experiences of emerging adults help shape the perception and approach to adult relationships Simons et al. Helping students understand the costs and benefits, both immediate and long term, of their choices and behaviors will help facilitate healthier sexual decisions and subsequent behavior. But in fact, they re up against a whole host of setbacks of their own. Of course, looking at those numbers doesn t tell the full story.

Black men are still significantly more likely to marry someone of a different race than black women. Now, knowing all this data doesn t mean that next time you go out, the black man of your dreams is magically going to start chatting you up.

Sexual Decision Making in the Absence of Choice: The African American Female Dating Experience

So what do you do? So many people are hung up on the idea of a meet-cute — but she that s just not how love tends to go down anymore. It s something that people have to plan for, whether that means using a dating app, website, or putting the word out to friends and family members.

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