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As all three twinks strip naked, it s one hell of a hot sight to behold, especially when all their limbs intertwine and every dick is being sucked, jerked or is bouncing in sheer pleasure. Alan gets a big dildo into Luke, his leg held aloft by Raul, giving him great access and a great view of the gaping hole screaming for raw cock.

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Second,porn, straight porn to start, maybe with some bisexual porn thrown in. Next, maybe a discussion about massages and who gives a great massage.

They usually take the bait and say that they are very good at it. He asked if I wanted to suck his dick and I said no, because I wasn t sure if he was serious. He said that if I let him drive my hot pickup truck to the store to get more beer, he would show me his dick and it would be okay if I got naked. He did show me his dick but I still wasn t sure about how he would feel if something happened, so I respectfully called him a taxi and sent him on his way.

The last I ve heard, blow jobs ARE sex. I can t believe how delusional your people are sometimes. Any so-called straight guy who experiments already has a tendency to be attracted to men, it s never a spur-of-the-moment thing.

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Don t get me started on gay-for-pay male porn either, those guys are gay! And no, I don t believe in bisexuality either, bisexuals are just mixed up and usually always horny individuals, they d hump a piece of wood and often do!

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But JFTR, you are the most close-minded, ignorant fuck if you honestly believe everything you said. I feel truly sad for you. I wasn t trying anything, didn t seduce him, he threw himself at me.

The same scenario as above. A co-worker who knew I was gay and I became friendly with after a bunch of us went out after work drinking. One night I had a few and he was sober and drove me home, he made the move. He wanted to suck me more than the other way round, which was the first clue he wasn t really straight.

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