Dating And Sexual Violence

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What is Relationship and Dating Violence?

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Dating Violence

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What is Teen Dating Violence TDV

However, many abusers become quite skilled at abusing their victim in a place or manner that can easily be covered and hidden. Large sunglasses can cover black eyes and bruises may be covered by hair and by clothing.

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A few examples of physical abuse include: Preventing their partner from leaving Throwing objects. Youth who witness or experienced violence at home or in their relationships are at increased risk for victimization and perpetration of violence in future relationships.

Prevention works! Adolescence is an ideal time to intervene to break the cycle of domestic violence and to prevent dating violence.

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The most effective approaches use multiple strategies to engage youth and the important adults in their lives including parents, teachers and coaches. You can make a difference Parents — Safe and healthy relationships begin at home.

Dating Violence

Encourage assertive communication, avoid physical discipline, and expect all family members to treat one another with care. Talk about healthy relationships and use media and real-life experiences as teachable moments. Youth — Use your voice, creativity, and social media to positively influence your friends and classmates.