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The wall graffiti around the Nemea and Thera gymnasiums are also Married women looking for sex in Greece to the fact that the sight of muscled young men often aroused sexual desire in the onlookers. In fact, just a few days before Anna spoke with Human Rights Watch, she was harassed by three plainclothes officer while she was at a hair salon in Athens Omonia Square.

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Abducting brides in Sparta In Sparta, women had much more freedom than in other Greek city-states. They usually practiced in the nude, and wore more provocative clothes in their everyday lives than the women of Athens. Men, who lived in military barracks from childhood, married around the age of twenty, but had to wait another ten years to leave the military compound and live with their wives.

The marriage began with the abduction of the bride, but after the wedding night the husband had to leave the compound in the utmost secrecy if he wanted to see his wife again during the long transition period.

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It was reasoned that the strict restriction was necessary because soldiers could thus practice the virtue of self-restraint, and their sexual desire also increased, which helped them father strong and healthy offspring.

If, however, a superior caught the man on his romantic excursion, he could make an example of him and punish him.

Consequences of adultery The ancient Greeks believed that women had far greater sexual appetites than men, and thus found it very difficult to control their instincts. This is how they explained the fact that despite living hermetically cut off from the outside world, they often committed adultery.

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And husbands did not easily tolerate being cheated on. The laws of Athens allowed the cuckolded man to kill his wife s lover without fear of punishment.

The unfaithful wife could not participate in religious ceremonies, could not improve her appearance, and was even prohibited from going to church. The husband could at any time divorce his wife, and had the possibility of offering the woman to another man without her consent.

As men did not consider women their equals, they had to look for the source of their happiness elsewhere.