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How old were you when you first started dating? Woman B: Sixteen. Woman C: I didn t have an official date until my freshman year of high school.

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Are they different from any you face now? Woman A: Prior to getting my cochlear implants, it was hard for me to date the guy I was seeing at the time because I couldn t hear him well and he d get frustrated. I d also have to try and find a well-lit place so I could see him and read his lips. Sexually, there was always the issue of whether I should keep my hearing aids and later, cochlear implants on or not.

They d fall off or get bumped off a lot, so I d usually take them off before, but then communication was a challenge because I couldn t hear.

There s never really a point when I asked myself, "Will my lack of hearing impact this experience? Woman C: I was so nervous I wouldn t be able to hear the guys I went out with and they d think I was ditzy, but most of the guys I went on dates with didn t seem to mind repeating themselves.

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When I began having sex as a teenager, I was really nervous that they d accidentally see my cochlear implants and be weirded out. I ve been told that people often forget that I m deaf and my cochlear implants are pretty hidden underneath my curly hair. I was nervous that they d see them and think, "Oh man, I m about to be with a disabled person.

What if I hurt her? Do I acknowledge it? What will others say? If you have dated a fellow deaf or hard of hearing person, what are the benefits or drawbacks romantically? Woman A: I never have, but I ve always wanted to.

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Woman B: There s no difference. The only difference I could think of would be a deaf person would have less awareness about noise level, but it does depend on your partner. Geekido studio s educational affairs from single word incest.

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