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Netherlands […] mentioned the issue of the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons, and the fact that a sexual relationship between consenting adult men was still illegal.

Australia […] noted with concern reports of violence against and the sexual exploitation of children, as well as child labour.

Lesotho 2020 Crime & Safety Report

It remained troubled by ongoing discrimination against homosexuals and the criminalization of male homosexuality. Ensuring quality, free and compulsory education at primary and secondary levels is one of them.

Non-formal education should also be strengthened in order to ensure sustainable development. Other challenges include student-teacher ratio, provision of education facilities and equipment. Employment creation and income generation were identified as priority areas in the PRS.

This is more pronounced in females.

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UNHCR stated that the ambiguity surrounding the legality and illegality of homosexual relations negatively affected the economic, social and cultural rights of LGBTI persons. Although sodomy was prohibited as a common law offence, same-sex relations between women were not overtly proscribed under the current legislation.

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The Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act prohibited male homosexuality and sodomy was listed as one of the offences for which arrests could be made without a warrant. Moreover, although no mention of homosexuals was made anywhere in the Adoption Proclamation, homosexuals were not able to adopt a child as a couple because they were not allowed to enter into the institution of marriage and because of the criminalization of male homosexuality.

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The delegation stated that no lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex persons had been prosecuted and emphasized that the matter was sensitive in the culture and society in Lesotho. The Government was engaged in dialogue on the issue with a view to reaching consensus.

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