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I was elated to be living in the same neighbourhood as my hero. I also mentioned my love for Rilke and he quickly wrote out a few lines by Rilke in German. Every angel is terrible.

Looks-wise he was okay… a lot paler than the person I knew back home, but with Klimt and Rilke, he had scored.

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This was the first person that had asked me to go walking. We met at an old church near my house. I was late, he was nervous. I had known many Germans and met a few Austrians before I met him. My perception was that people from cold countries take longer to warm up. But this guy was making sure I left all those preconceptions behind. He was warm, open and very engaging. It almost felt like we were old friends and I was visiting his city for the first time, so he had to show me all of it.

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His house, where he worked, where he first smoked a cigarette, favourite park, favourite restaurant, etc. I had not seen Before Sunrise then but now that I have, I feel our meeting was much like the film.

He drew me out, threw open his world and invited me in. I happily walked in and took my seat. He was funny, treating me to local delicacies and was totally charming the pants off me, while keeping a ten-inch distance from me.

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After walking for about five hours, we decided to get cake at a local coffee shop. I refused to eat any, saying Europe was making me fat. After an hour in the coffee shop, he walked me home. We stood outside the apartment door and talked for a long time. It was awkward to say bye. When I reached home, my worried flatmate was wondering where to begin looking for me. While she talked, I thought maybe we should have kissed. So I sent a message.

I am already in my night clothes. It almost felt like young romance. He wanted to come over for butter chicken, so I did the tiring job of grocery shopping in German and cooked a big meal. I was about to go for a shower and my phone rang. My flatmate was away in Amsterdam. Over the next two days, I felt cheated, angry and wanted to cry. Life was bloody unfair! But this was Europe and I had many things to do: working, cooking, travelling, and so many people to meet.

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I was beyond popular, because I was like an egg yolk in a sea of egg whites. Then one afternoon, I opened a fortune cookie after a Chinese lunch. It read: Be patient, small blockades will go away.

I knew I was close to mine and kept walking till I reached the church.

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There is no question of leaving my husband or lying to him. But the news media is in a crisis of its own.

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There have been brutal layoffs and pay-cuts.