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However, you can check if they mentioned that they spoke Russian or Ukrainian. Usually, an Ukrainian woman will mention that she speaks both Russian and Ukrainian. You can also observe the indoor of the cam girl. You will find Ukrainian and Russian women on Soulcams.

This website is interesting because it allows a lot of freedom. People can exchange personal details on soulcams. Usually, there are few online cam girls on soulcams. So, it is advised to browse the offline cam girls of soulcams and send a message to your favorites to encourage them to come online. I know that this website is really respectful with freedom of speech. More advice Language barrier As I explained before the language barrier is a major problem.

However, it does not means that a woman is less interesting if she does not speak English. So, you must be indulgent as well. You can help her by translating sentences in Russian. Anyways, if you would fly to Ukraine for a speed dating event organized by an international dating agency, the language barrier would still be a problem.

You would need to chat via a human translator and I think it is worth than google translate. About Ukrainian women There are huge gaps between personalities in Ukraine. I have met Ukrainian women who were modest, good listeners, respectful and I have met total psychos who were arrogant, selfish, susceptible, grumpy.

Even if I tried to be nice to a psycho, I rarely improved the situation. I think that it is important to spend time evaluating a woman in a text chat. Be rational rather than emotional. If you see that an online relationship goes nowhere, delete a cam girl from your list of favorites.

Also, it is worth write a note about a cam girl to avoid making the same mistakes again. For instance, if you see that a cam girl fooled you, write it.

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So, then, in several months, if the cam girl still works on the website, reading your note will prevent you to waste your time in a private chat with this cam girl. Also, you should not focus on one cam girl. However, I do encourage you to be choosy. Before flying to Russia you must get a visa with an invitation from a Russian hotel, your Airbnb host or your landlord. You must also take out a special travel insurance.

A Russian visa is only valid for exact dates and cannot be extended after the traveler has arrived in the country, except in the case of a medical emergency. Any mistakes in visa dates must be corrected before the traveler enters Russia. You need an exit visa, if your Russian visa expired. So, As you can see, it is really complicated to visit Russia.

It is still possible to visit Russia but it will be easier to stay in Moscow or Saint Petersburg if you want to stay out of trouble.

On the other hand, you can travel wherever you want in Ukraine. It is not a problem because it is cheap to rent a car in Ukraine and it is easy to drive in Ukraine. I would recommend to use Google street view and Google maps to know where you go beforehand. For sure, it is easy to meet women in Kiev and Odessa. However, I have some advice for you. Schedule several dates with different women in Ukraine. And involuntarily for more careful, I did so slowly.

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