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Inform the municipality at least two weeks before the planned date that you wish to marry or enter into a registered partnership. Make an appointment with the registrar ambtenaar van de burgerlijke stand in the municipality in which you wish to marry or enter into partnership.

The registrar will tell you which documents you have to take to the meeting. You will need to appoint at least two and no more than four witnesses.

Partnership & Cohabitation in the Netherlands

This option is not yet available in every municipality. Birth certificate no longer needed When you register an intended marriage or registered partnership, you may not have to show your birth certificate. If that is not possible, the Registrar may ask you for your birth certificate after all. If the details cannot be checked in either of these ways, you can make a sworn statement about your birth details.

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Religious marriage following a civil marriage After your marriage or registered partnership ceremony has been solemnised by the registrar you may hold a religious ceremony in a church or mosque, if you wish.

The religious ceremony may not take place before the civil ceremony. Difference between marriage and registered partnership There are two differences between marriage and registered partnership: Declaration of marriage vows ja-woord If you marry, you must make a declaration of marriage vows. This is not required for registered partnerships.

Same-sex marriage in the Netherlands

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I wish you were American. However, note that the rules and regulations regarding the registered partnership in the country of origin must match those of the Netherlands. Registered partnership in the Netherlands when living abroad If you are a Dutch national who is living abroad but wants to register their partnership in the Netherlands, you will need to do so at the municipality of the Foreign Documents department of The Hague. Converting your registered partnership into a marriage If you want to marry your registered partner, you can have your registered partnership converted into a marriage at the municipality you live in.

Please note, you cannot convert your marriage into a registered partnership. Parenthood in a registered partnership If a child is born in a marriage or registered partnership between a man and a woman, both will automatically be registered as the legal parents, even if the man is not the biological father. Parenthood in a same-sex registered partnership There are some differences when it comes to same-sex registered partners and heterosexual partners concerning parenthood: Parenthood: Registered partnership between two women When it comes to a registered partnership or same-sex marriage between two women, the biological mother is automatically registered as a parent.

What do I need to take into account if I decide to marry or enter into a registered partnership?

Depending on the situation, the co-mother may or may not be automatically registered as a parent. Parenthood: Registered partnership between two men As for a registered partnership or marriage between two men, different rules apply.

This does not apply to property that you bequeath or inherit. If you wish to keep your belongings and debts separate, you can have a partnership agreement drawn up by a civil-law notary.