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Over the next seven years, I crafted my mastering skills in a world-class setting. Because The Plant catered to major label artists, I was expected to be good the first day on the job.

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It was my perfectionism and attention to detail that served me well. I would check and double-check everything I did.

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After hearing the final product, I discovered how important the mastering process was. The mastering engineer transformed my sophomoric effort into something that sounded professional.

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For the next twenty years, I attended every mastering session for every record I was involved in. I felt it was only a matter of time before I would want to try my hand at mastering and knew that my background as a recording engineer would give me a useful perspective on the process.

As the years passed, I sharpened my skills, gained confidence, and developed my own approach to mastering.

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My reputation was growing, and I had many repeat clients. I had already built a room for mixing and only needed a few more pieces of gear to maintain the high-quality mastering I was accustomed to at The Plant.

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Without the high overhead, I was faced with at The Plant; I can deliver as good a product at a much lower fee.