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If you operate a cam site, explore expanding to adult dating. Customers are still going to be wary of engaging in physical sex acts with strangers. Therefore, now is the perfect time to launch a remote adult virtual dating service. Physical products are another area you could expand into. As mentioned, sex toys and sex dolls sales have boomed.

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With international supply chains returning to some sort of normality, this is the perfect time to strike. However, be careful of offering bundles that include a free sex toy. Many customers will try to issue a chargeback once they have viewed the content and received their product. Give your customers shipping timeframes and keep in touch regularly to advise of any delays. Along with the demand for toys, some amateur couples are experimenting with amateur porn production. With job insecurity so high at the moment, people are tempted.

This trend should come as no surprise. The figures that some amateur models are making on online platforms dwarf their normal salary. Enhance booming adult entertainment sales by protecting your merchant account A sales boom is a positive step for any merchant. But, the current internet usage explosion is leading to a similar increase in fraud and chargebacks.

Therefore, as sales increase, come up with a strategy to safeguard your payment processing.


Diversifying your product offering is a start. But, implement better anti-fraud and anti-chargeback defenses too. Also, limiting transaction amounts can protect you from incurring the wrath of acquirers for a big-ticket chargeback.

Here at DirectPayNet, we have over a decade of experience in helping high-risk merchants in the adult industry. Email us now to reach our team and discuss fraud prevention and payment channel diversification.

About the author Maria Sparagis As President of DirectPayNet, I make it my mission to help merchants find the best payment solutions for their online business, especially if they are categorized as high-risk merchants. I help setup localized payments modes and have tons of other tricks to increase sales!

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