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No hinting, just direct communication. Inside Scoop: How to turn a hookup into a serious relationship? Very simple, but simple does it sometimes. After last night…I gotta give it to you: your chest muscles are legendary. Sizzling hot. Cheeky in just the right way.

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Wanna do that again some time? That s a great way to have the date end up with you both having a little fun under the sheets.

Have you ever watched another couple making out? What did you feel at that moment? A simple way to arouse a woman over text is by bringing up previous encounters that were sexually charged. Ideally, you can talk about the occasions when she hooked up with you.

However, if the two of you haven t hooked up yet, there are ways around it.

25 Texts to Send a Guy After sex:

For example, you can talk about how it makes her feel when she sees other couples making out. If she s talking about some film where there s a lot of romance or a party where a friend of hers hooked up, this question should fit into the conversation quite nicely. This question is a bit sneaky because it will make her think about intimacy. That s because when most people watch others make out, they usually also become aroused.

25 Post Hookup Texts to Send After a Hookup

The obvious example of this would be when people watch pornography. Although those feelings won t be nearly as strong. Also, the follow-up question is far more important than the first.

If you just ask her if she s ever watched someone make out, she could answer with a simple "Yes" or "No. The point is to get her to think about that moment and get her to describe it. It ll often make her think about intimacy and possibly even sex. She ll start associating those feelings with you because you re the one who brought them up. Finally, in case she s never watched anyone make out before, you can tease her about it playfully.

Then ask her "What do you think you d feel at that moment? Describe it to me. Have you ever had a sexual encounter while in a public place? It s great to ask about public sex. That is, as long as she didn t get caught and arrested.

This question is a bit risky. But it s perfectly fine to ask if you ve already led the conversation towards more sexual topics. By having her recall an exciting sexual experience from the past, it could help put her in the mindset for another encounter that gets her pulse racing. It ll also have the double effect of making her think if you d be up for something like this while in public. Her imagination will start going wild and she ll be full of anticipation.

It s one of those wonderful sex questions to ask a girl because it can easily turn your next date in your favor. If you engage women s sexual imaginations and their anticipation grows, you ll be much more likely to get laid.


It s also a great opportunity to talk to her about her naughty side. You can then find ways to bring it out. When discussing these types of experiences, the golden rule is to not be judgmental. If she senses that you re a prude or gets the slightest whiff of slut-shaming, you can forget about sharing any crazy sexual encounters with her. You wake up tomorrow as a man. What dirty things do you do all day? Maybe she s teasing you for being dirty-minded after you asked another question on this list.

Perhaps she s making fun of men for being sweaty, hairy or always thinking about sex. If she doesn t come up with a sexually charged answer, press her on the dirty things she d do. This is an awesome question that will stoke her sexual imagination.

A lot of the time, it ll also get her to think about YOU and what she would do if she had your body for a day. Make sure to tease her about her responses. Make it sound like she has a very dirty mind. If you do it right, this "innocent" question can lead to many great topics of conversation with her. It s rife with opportunities to get to know her naughty side, what she thinks about men, what turns her on, and more.

Mona is a lovely medting and loves sms dating sex ass advice. Indeed, you might want to send the thought granny perfect for a day or two; not and a week or on the only interested. 25 Years to Unload a Guy Slope sex.

If she mentions hooking up with women, this can lead the conversation on to past bi-sexual experiences. If she enjoys the question, prepare for her to throw it back at you. What would you do if you were in a woman s body for a day? Try to think of something more imaginative than "play with my tits all day," even if this is what we d all do.

If you had X-ray vision, what part of a man s body would you look at first? It cuts straight to the chase and sets a very intimate undertone. Perfect if you want to low-key flirt with her over text but you want her to know that you re into her. Of course, women may try to avoid it and play it off. She might say, "I m going to look at your face" or something obviously non-sexual like that. Make sure to tease her about her answer. Then imply that she really has a dirty mind but is desperately trying to hide it.

Saying something like "Riiight, I m sure you wouldn t notice the huge dangling thingy right in the middle. A follow-up text saying, "Are you blushing right now?

Sex Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text

Again, make sure to ask this question when you already know that she likes you and that you re both comfortable with talking about sexual topics. Have you ever….?

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I remember not being so excited, so nervous, and so in love all at the same time. You are my whole world and never will I forsake you. A great compliment will make her feel butterflies inside and make her be even more. You are all in need in my life. Just be yourself.

I like you. Happy birthday to you, my sweet girl! I want to be the pioneer in giving your special wishes for your birthday every year, so happy birthday to the sweetest girl in the world! The warmest wishes for a baby girl on her very special day.

Instead, look to keep the conversation moving forward. I could hold you forever. Your smile is magical. God wanted to update his dictionary and while redefining the word beautiful, he created you! You have made my days brighter and nights lovelier.

It also makes me smile. The idea is that you mentally give a promise to approach a girl, then count "three, two, one - go".

The 14 Sex Questions To Ask A Girl Over Text That Will Get You Laid

A very simple rule. I found my missing piece the very day I met you. I never knew what I did good to deserve you. Sweet Love Letter for her. You just have to be a little tricky about choosing words for flirty text messages to send a girl. I love you. Asking a woman what she does for a living is an obvious conversation starter. There are many interesting and must-follow ways how to win a girls heart.

We shake hands, and introduce ourselves. If you want to make her want you more before you lose her, you need to pay close attention to the following. It can be embarrassing, for example, to ask a woman out if her friends or family are around and. Being with you trumps all other plans.

They walk away without a number and without a date. Don t make him do all the work. Now, unless she really likes you, she may let it slide. When it comes to how to text girls for the first time, there are several approaches you can take: Introduce yourself. Your little imperfections make you perfect.

Just so I can be worthy of your unconditional love. It creates a sense of closeness. No one is born knowing how to text a girl for the first time. My love, all I need right now is to see a smile on your face. Later, you can send texts telling her what you re doing and where you re going. Find sweet love SMS for her. To talk to a girl you like for the first time, start by smiling, making eye contact, and approaching her when she doesn t seem busy or distracted.


Do nothing but say it with full energy and with a sweet smile on your face this helps a lot in building your relationship. Good Night! How to Text a Girl for the First Time.

Ignoring her text or sending her a text with a one word-reply will kill the conversation and may even make her regret texting you. I love the way you smile. If you want to know what to say when you approach a girl for the first time, go here.