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Robbins that Charlie confessed to killing the landlord, but denies killing Melissa. Robbins points out that Melissa was died due to a blunt force trauma.

The weapon was something sturdy, possibly a pipe.

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Brass turns the screws on Meg Cunningham. She wasn t with Tim at the Bellagio: the maid remembers her being there with a blonde woman. Meg admits that Tim begged her to say they were together that night. She has no idea what went on with Tim and Vanessa. Sara and Grissom go back to the Cunninghams house. Sara finds porn, but nothing extraordinary until Grissom comes across a photograph of a woman s body in lingerie that matches Vanessa Back at the arcade, Nick and Warrick find the weapon used to kill Melissa: a baseball bat.

The prints on the bat turn out to be the landlord s wife. She killed Melissa and hid the body. Marty is disgruntled; he wishes the CSIs would have waited to arrest her until after he d gotten paid.

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Grissom and Sara compare the photo to Vanessa s body, but the bodies don t match. Robbins points out post mortem bruising around the puncture marks that indicate Vanessa was stabbed twice with a two-pronged instrument as opposed to four times with a skewer. Greg finds a BBQ fork with blood on it at the Cunninghams house.

Sara goes through the Cunninghams e-mails and finds e-mails exchanged with the Keatons--specifically, e-mails between Amy, Vanessa s stepdaughter, and Tom Cunningham.

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The picture of the woman s body matches Amy s; she e-mailed it to Tom. Amy was having an affair with Tom. When the CSIs match Amy s fingerprints to the ones on the handle of the BBQ fork, Amy admits to stabbing her stepmother in a rage when she found her in the pool with Tom. The wounds caused Vanessa to fall forward and hit her head; she drowned while Tom and Amy argued.

Tom, Amy argues, was trying to protect her, so they moved Vanessa s body to the fountain. Analysis: If there s one thing the original CSI does particularly well, it s seedy sex cases.

After all, the show is set in Las Vegas. Despite the ubiquitous mantra, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," CSI delights in blowing the cover off social and sexual subcultures. And with good reason: CSI s scandalous episodes are rarely anything short of entertaining.

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The opening scenes are presented in lush, sexy Vegas style, but after that, the episode does a good job of making the couples appear surprisingly average. Unlike the plushies in "Fur and Loathing" or the vampire wannabes in "Suckers" , the couples in "Swap Meet" are portrayed as terribly average in the light of day.

Grissom even notes how clean the Bradys house is after the swingers party; whereas the night before couples frolicked on the couch and in the pool, the house is sparkling clean and quite ordinary the next day.

That is, until Grissom opens the dishwasher to discover several freshly-cleaned dildos. It s fun to see our CSIs react to it. Not surprisingly, Sara is uncomfortable with the concept of swinging.

Grissom is characteristically clinical in his approach to it; at points he seems almost slightly tickled like when he finds the dildos in the dishwasher , but it never goes beyond that. If the banter between Sara and Grissom in the hall after the interrogations of the Bradys is supposed to reveal anything about either Sara s past or Sara and Grissom s dynamic, it doesn t succeed. However, as a light scene, it s effective and enjoyable.

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I have to wonder why Catherine was left out of this case. Catherine often has the most interesting and emotive reactions of any of the CSI team, and she s particularly good at delivering them in the sex cases.

Why sideline her here? The only explanation I could come up with is because she s played such a prominent role in the previous episodes of the season, but that s a shoddy reason to essentially write her out of this episode.

She could have easily been a part of the action without being the focus of it. Catherine is allotted only one paltry scene that feels out of place in the episode.

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The scene with her and Grissom where she asks him to recommend her for the promotion to day shift supervisor works well in isolation, but it doesn t gel with the rest of the episode. Given that it s the only time we see Catherine in the episode, the scene feels as thought it was cut from another episode and inserted here, either because it didn t fit in another episode, or because the writers didn t want to completely shaft Catherine. That aside, it s still a good scene: Catherine rides in, guns blazing, prepared to convince Grissom to recommend her for the position only to find he s already done so.