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Purposely ambiguous, equivocal word to describe almost any sexual activity, usually used to exaggerate or minimize exactly what happened.

A hookup can range from a make-out session to full-out sex. A person you hook up with. That could mean anything… give me details! Middle schoolers may categorize the term primarily as making-out, while high schoolers and college students might correlate it more with making-out, oral sex, or casual sex. However, the lines are extremely blurred. While there are still exclusive couples, dating and sexuality have become far more casual. And, typically these encounters occur between two people who are not in an exclusive relationship, quite often with no strings attached.

In some ways, it could be a good thing, in other ways, perhaps not. According to MSNBC, it could give a girl, for instance, the opportunity to be more sexually active as men traditionally have, without the fear of being judged by her peers. It s also way easier to find teens who are into the idea of dating someone older online where their dating profiles can explicitly state that s what they re looking for, making it easier for guys like you to know who s down for it and who s not.

So what s the best app to find teens who know what they want and are down for casual hookups with an older man like yourself? Tinder, of course! By just spending some time looking through the app, you ll find plenty of girls that are waiting for someone like you to swipe right on.

And while Tinder is technically a dating app, if you ve been on there before you know that there are many, many people looking to just hook up, so you don t have to worry about whether everyone you meet on there will be looking for more. You Can Filter Your Matches The great thing about dating apps like tinder is you re able to manage your preferences when it comes to who you re matched with.

This will help a lot when it comes to avoiding women who aren t in the age range you re looking for and make it easier to find those who are. Pay Attention To Bios Arguably the number one thing people should pay most attention to, besides their profile picture, is their dating app bio. This is something especially important if you re looking for teen girls to hook up with because more often than not, the ones who are down for it will state something in their bio that suggests it. By exerting the time to actually read someone you re interested in s bio, it could save you from swiping on a girl who doesn t want anything to do with you because of your age, versus finding someone who is mutually attracted to you.

Flirting is highly physical as well. Make sure that when you re talking with your girl that you keep your body language open and inviting. If you re sitting down, point you knees and feet at her. If you re standing make sure to stand across from her or pivot your body toward her when talking in a group. Don t cross your arms or put something physical — like a backpack or briefcase — between the two of you; these are examples of closed body language and may give the impression that you re not into her.

Another thing you should do to make sure you re giving her all the right vibes is to touch her. And no I don t mean inappropriately hopefully that ll come later. A few examples include reaching out to brush her hair away from her face, touching her hand, touching her shoulder or looping your arm with hers while walking.

These points of contact should be affectionate without being overtly sexual, and purposeful. Accidentally brushing her hand with yours does not count. Rules reguarding alcohol I m a believer that for some alcohol is certainly liquid courage. But I m also an active believer that for most too much alcohol is fuel for stupid decisions. That being said, I m not totally against drinking when trying to hookup.

Sometimes a beer or two, or three is what you need to build the courage to talk to that girl at the bar or finally ask her if she wants to "get out of here". I am however against sloppy drunk hookups, especially when you re hooking up with someone for the first time. Odds are you probably don t know them very well, or if you do, you don t know them sexually at all.

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Knowing and trusting someone even if it s only a little bit is important even when you re looking for a fling. So stick to wine or beer if you can t trust yourself to go overboard on the liquor. Make sure you order a glass of water in between drinks and actually drink it.

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Don t worry about looking like a square when watching how much you drink; you ll look mature, cool, and collected.

The last thing you want to do is have one-too-many and completely ruin your chances with a girl. Confidence vs. If you don t think you re capable of closing, you re probably not going to close. Feeling confident is something everyone has to work on.

It s a total fake-it-till-you-make it scenario. Even if you re insecure, you need to put on a front that you re somewhat confident. This is why grooming is so important in the hooking up equation; because even if you don t feel like the most confident man in the room, dressing well will help you get there.

Plus, no well-groomed guy is going to look like they lack in self-esteem. However, there is a huge difference between acting confident and cocky. For some, it s hard to toe that line. So when you re speaking, have a filter. Make sure that nothing coming out of your mouth sounds douchey and self-obsessed. This is why it s important for a lot of guys to watch how much they re drinking; for a good amount of guys they become more cocky with each drink.

Don t push it by being pushy Believe me; I understand that you want to get laid. I understand that if given the option, you d probably want to get laid right here and right now. I understand how you might feel a sense of urgency, especially if you re in the midst of a particularly lengthy dry spell.

Sex is great. Sex is healthy. And sex is fun. But no what s not fun? Feeling like you re getting pressured into sex. So… don t get pushy. It s not cute, and it will do nothing to get you laid.

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Match her tone When it comes to flirting — especially when it comes to humor — it s very important to match her tone. Let s say you have a very vulgar sense of humor and she isn t nearly as filthy as you.

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You re going to want to tone it down a little bit until your remarks clearly don t cause discomfort. If you clearly make her uncomfortable with any of your jokes dirty, political, or otherwise apologize and change the topic.

The same goes for being forward. There are ways to be forward without being explicit. That being said, there are girls who are sexual as fuck when it comes to flirting. If you find one of those girls, congrats. If they re willing to be outright freaky in the streets, she s probably just as freaky in the sheets.

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Hooking up Once things start getting hot and heavy, it might be difficult to figure out what to do next or how to far to go. But don t panic. Hooking up is a broad term. Hooking up could mean anything from getting to second base to doing anal… it just depends on your definition of the word which is important when it comes to the actual act of hooking up.

Since people have different definitions of the word and have different ideas of how far they re willing to go based on the situation, hooking up is a total gray area. So, when you re hooking up you re going to have to make a lot of sense of all the gray; you re going to have to figure out what s black and what s white. The obvious solution to this is to communicate. Don t be shy about asking what she wants from you or how far she s willing to go.

Communication is sexy. You might feel awkward about outright asking if she wants to have sex, but she ll be turned on by the fact that you actually asked. You should be golden so long as you re keeping everything safe and consensual as well as sexy, but here are a few Do s and Don ts when it comes to dickin her down. Short girls never have to worry about being too tall for guys, but what they do have to worry about is being too short.

So when you re making out with a shorty, make sure you re taking her height into consideration. While short girls won t mind getting with tall guys because every girl is into the tall, dark, and handsome type , they might regret their decision the next morning when their neck is completely stiff from making out standing up. If you notice that she s craning her neck a little bit, lead her over to a couch or the bed to make your make-out sesh more comfortable.

Don t: Go getting too rough Remember those gray areas I mentioned? This is one of them. When you re hooking up with someone new, you should be very cautious about getting rough. Yes, most people have engaged in some kind of rough sex according to blank about blank percent , but for some people, it is not their cup of tea. Before you go full on Fifty-Shades, test the waters. And by test the waters I mean barely dip your toe at first.

Lightly scratch her back, barely pull her hair, or when you kiss her hold her by her chin. Don t full on dig your nails in, don t yank her hair back, and don t choke her right off the bat. That s how you scare the shit out of someone who s vanilla as fuck. If you re trying to get freaky, test the waters or straight up ask her. But, speaking for experience, a freaky girl will probably feel more comfortably asking for what she wants.

Do: Ask her what feels good Communication is hard. For some reason, women sometimes find it harder to communicate their needs in bed. So, make sure that when you re hooking up ask what feels good. Usually you can base what s feeling good off of her physical reactions.

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For instance, if she s moaning or arching her back whatever you re doing probably feels good. If she s not making any noise or pulling away from your motions, then whatever you re doing probably doesn t feel so great. If you can t figure out where she s at, then ask. Just by saying something like "Does that feel good, babe? Don t: Try any crazy sex positions If you re attempting anything particularly acrobatic during a first or second hookup, then you re fucking up.

Not only are you probably doing the aforementioned sex position wrong but you re putting future hookup opportunities at risk. Crazy Kama Sutra positions are completely off limits for when you first start hooking up with someone. You should stick to basic positions think missionary and doggy when you start hooking up with someone.

Once you ve established some trust, then put your life in their hands by attempting any wild sex positions. Think about how you can spice up basic or minimally physically demanding positions. Another pretty basic way to change it up is to throw a pillow under her back in missionary or under her knees in doggy to change the angle at which you re thrusting.

You can also fuck around the house. Don t just keep it on the bed. Bang on the floor. Bang on the couch. Bang in the kitchen. Just make sure your roommates aren t home… Don t: Cum and think you re done Sex doesn t end when you cum. I m going to say that again for the people in the back: sex doesn t end when you cum! Contrary to popular belief, the male orgasm does not signify the end of sex.

For the love of god, please don t cum, roll over, and fall asleep. At the very least take a breather before continuing to work your lady over. Her pleasure is just as important as yours. However, if she makes it clear that she s done but hasn t cum, that s okay too. Don t push your partner to cum if she s having a hard time getting there. The female orgasm can be elusive to most females themselves. So don t make them feel bad if they couldn t get there.

And don t feel bad either. Having an orgasm hinges heavily on trust and feeling completely relaxed. Both of those things usually come with hooking up a few times. Do: Clean up after Please don t leave her there coverd in your cum Get the girl a towel.

Better yet, help the girl out. This should go without saying, yet here I am. Post-hookup etiquette So you got laid! Good for you, my dude! Now the key is to not act like a total weirdo now that you ve banged this girl.

Here are a few key steps to proper post-hookup etiquette: Don t overstay your welcome Gauging when you should leave can be difficult. There will be times where you should stay the night and when you shouldn Watch for key actions or phrases when making this decision. Has she rolled over and completely ignored you after sex? Has she mentioned several times that she has to get up early?

Want to learn more?

Has she straight up told you to leave? Then leave. Call yourself an Uber and make your exit.