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As such, one interpretation of the unexpected findings of higher condom use when either partner is drunk is the use of condoms when there are multiple risks present. Thus at least part of the positive effect of concurrent drunk partners and sex on condom use is due to its occurrence with other risk behaviors.

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Although our study provides important insights, it is not without limitations. This makes it difficult for us to disentangle the ordering of certain behaviors Due to lack of data in the survey, we also do not have measures of power differences Conclusion Overall, this study provides support for policies aimed at promoting not only knowledge about HIV risks but also gender equity.

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Supporting Tanzanian men to adopt more gender equitable norms, attitudes, and behaviors may aid in their adoption of safer sexual practices. Cubbins oversaw the development of each section of the paper. She also developed the research approach, contributed to the literature review, conducted the analysis, and lead preparation of the discussion and conclusion. Nsimba contributed to the literature review and interpretation of results. Authors Guarantee Form: The authors Dr.

Lisa Cubbins, Dr. Lucy Jordan, and Dr. Stephen Nsimba have each contributed to the content of this article. The content of this article has never been published previously.

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These proximate determinants, which can include a combination of social and biological factors, directly influence the health outcome of interest. In this analysis, we considered attitudes toward IPV as proximate determinants, and gender norms as a key underlying, distal determinant of IPV.

We further hypothesized that the very fact of discordance between couples is more important than the nature of that discordance; that is, we proposed that lack of agreement between a woman and her partner regardless of which partner held the more inequitable attitudes would be associated with a higher risk of IPV than if she agreed with her partner. Ethical Considerations Study protocols were approved by institutional review boards in Tanzania and the United States.

All study participants gave written informed consent to participate in the study. Couples were interviewed separately at a study station that was set up on the outskirts of the village, and care was taken to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

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Study interviewers received in-depth training on interviewing techniques, gender and reproductive health, and the study protocols. A study liaison was identified in each village to help participants gain access to further information, counseling services, and study personnel.

Tanzanian men’s gender attitudes, HIV knowledge, and risk behaviours

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