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Asked for new pics she sends more old selfies It might be an old female pimp chatting to you, or a guy, or a working girl but not the one in the pics.

In Vietnam the scam factor is a bit higher. On the plus side, the girl that turns up is usually still very bangable as Vietnamese girls are pretty hot.

Others get lucky and have a decent time. Also in Vietnam hookers are sometimes escorted by some thug guy on meth who waits downstairs in the bushes in case anything goes wrong. Previously I was constantly disturbed by phone calls and short text messages inviting me to attend forums on stocks or offering me low interest loans; although, I find these have become markedly less frequent now.

Is it that they have just morphed into a more covert yet enticing form, for who would decline a kind and harmless invitation from a beauty to be her online friend? It is not hard for me to get the answer.

Talking to beautiful strangers on WeChat is the road to ruin

A search on the Internet reveals thousands of online fraud cases involving young and beautiful women friends on WeChat. Make sure you wear a nice, stylish and fashionable outfit — this way your chances of finding an instant hookup on an Asian dating site will skyrocket like anything. Chinese women are very fond of famous brands, so if you can wear anything branded, consider it a success. Shirts with tropical prints, crumpled shorts and tattered flip-flows are a big no no on a Chinese hookup site.

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And of course, needless to say, you should avoid uploading photos with other women, even if they are cut out of the picture. Keep in mind that English is not a common language in China, and reading a detailed and informative profile would be a strain for the majority of Chinese girls. Chinese women looking for hookups or dating with foreign men care a lot about their nationalities and home countries.

The funnel has great of Les ladies on its kind, good of them big hairy lucky photos instead of ran pictures. Occasions wechat id 'sex genitor wechat id' Roughing, soup sex photos. Norwegian girls WeChat ID. I saddle been searching for one package for a really period but it was a little tough moment for to join right there.

Just like with popular dating and hookup apps like Tinder or Mamba, it allows members to get connected with other people based upon their geographic proximity. This way you automatically increase your chances of having a casual hookp with a pretty Chinese woman from your area. Not everyone is eager to meet a foreigner on quick hookup apps like WeChat due to a language barrier, culture clashes and difference in mentalities.

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Filter profiles by gender The moment this feature is enabled, the app will display a list of users indicting their proximity to your geographic location.

Start interacting with women on WeChat Different quick hookup apps have different rules regarding messages you can send and receive. You can send as many messages as you want to as many people as you need. Make sure you sound cheerful and optimistic, friendly and nice.

Can you use WeChat as one of the quick hookup apps?

As mentioned above, writing a long text is of no use. There is a danger of being blocked by the system. But other than that, there is nothing wrong with sending duplicate message. When girls start replying you can send them personal answers in return.

Texting to each other on the WeChat hookup app Texting to each other on quick hookup apps like WeChat is a lot of fun. Send greetings Here comes the time to start interacting with the people in your faltered nearby list.

Send your first text, aka send greetings on the Chinese dating app to the women looking for men. In general, I have not seen any issue regarding broadcasting the same message to the different persons.

Here is the warning message sent out by the official WeChat team to me- WeChat official warning when my account was suspected by the WeChat algorithm to behave like a bot.

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This happened to me only once and I think, in general, WeChat algorithm hardly cares about the duplicate messages. At any time, if you wish to disable the WeChat nearby function, just clear the location from option menu. Chinese Culture of Asking Age Alright, now is the time to dig a new issue that I have often seen in China — a woman outrightly asking a guy- hey, how old are you?

If you are coming from a western country, it could be a huge surprise. But in China, it seems to be rather common and widely practiced.

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There will be tons of questions that you may have to answer. The more you answer; the more supplementary questions would follow. The talk continued and later I mentioned that I had a PhD. I received greeting and friend request I met this woman by enabling the WeChat nearby function. She was the one to send me greetings first -and as stated earlier, I got an accompanied friend request.

I accepted it, and we started exchanging text messages.