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It not unusual to find that someone had almost developed a second persona, known only to themselves. But I am inviting you to think together about how you connect sexually and emotionally, instead of rehashing the actual events. To be honest, I do find that quite hard to believe because what is central to everything is your lack of trust.

This can only begin to recover if you start sharing things at a deeper level. Yes, you can continue to check his phone but eventually, this will reduce you both to a frazzle. Instead, this really needs to be a joint enterprise to work out if there are areas in your own relationship that need attention. No one made him do this. All of this needs talking about together. Some couples can work this out, but in my experience it nearly always ends in tears for one of them.

Then you will have big decisions to make. Having said that though, many people have a dabble and having done so, find that other things are more important.

I suspect this is where your husband is at now. Dance Together Turn your living room or patio into your own dance floor.

Turn down the lights and just slow dance, or sign up for some digital dance lessons you can learn with your partner, in the comfort of your own home. This is especially helpful if either of you have two left feet! Competition is good for the soul. Game On! No problem! Search www.waybacks.com for the karaoke version of your favorite song, and you are ready to belt it out.

Challenge your beloved to a lip-syncing contest instead. Even just thinking about traveling can help take your mind off stressful situations. It can also get the two of you to open up while discussing your goals and travel desires.

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Use your imagination and get creative. Escape Room Do you love solving puzzles and cracking codes, challenging yourself against the clock? If your favorite escape room location is out of the question, you can print everything off for an escape room at home. Catch a Show in Your Bathrobe Ode to the arts! Streaming platforms are offering everything from comedy specials to concerts, symphonies, ballets, and theatre. Hamilton, anyone? Draw Pictures of Each Other Or on each other? From frisky finger paints to silly stick figures, this date can go any way you want!

Play a Board Game Again, friendly competition is good for you. Build your relationship with a board game built for two players.

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Go traditional with whatever you have available in the closet, or try a printable one. This Couples Only Cranium has us cracking up. Let the games begin!

DIY Tasting Beer or Wine In-person tastings usually consist of four pours, so this is a great opportunity for you both to pick two.

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Go with something you know you like, and a wild-card you are excited to try. Support a local brewery or vineyard and pick up a sample of their wares while supporting the small businesses in town. Murder Mystery A friend of mine considers herself a super sleuth and absolutely loves all things all things involved in a good cold case or murder mystery. If you or yours are the same, a murder mystery kit might be right up your alley.

Even better- you get to choose the subject matter. Seek out a cultural market and try your hand at creating your own authentic meal or dive into the culture while visiting an establishment known for their delectable menu. Cook Together Switch it up. If one of you claims the kitchen domain, give cooking together a try. Find a recipe online that tickles your taste buds, or go even bigger. Easy and delicious, plus- No rules! Couples Photo Session If the last time you had photos taken of just the two of you was your wedding, it might be time to update them.

Act like the lovebirds you are and let a professional photographer capture your magic, all from a safe distance of course. A professional photographer not in the budget? Have a friend or neighbor snap cell phone pics in the backyard or front steps. BFFs Jordi and Ainara s very first of many swinger sex session! Swinger party for gran and gramps!

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