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Marriage must be registered in the Netherlands Marriages that have been solemnised in another country cannot be registered in the Netherlands until the marriage certificate has been authenticated. The authentication procedure differs according to the country in which the marriage was concluded.

Partners can request more information from the embassy of the country where they were married. Registered partnership In the Netherlands, partners who do not wish to marry may opt for registered partnership instead. Marriage and registered partnership are similar in this country.

Marriage, registered partnership and cohabitation agreements

Registration of a foreign registered partnership A registered partnership that is entered into abroad will be recognised in the Netherlands, provided it is governed by the same rules as those that apply to a registered partnership entered into in the Netherlands. Inform the municipality at least two weeks before the planned date that you wish to marry or enter into a registered partnership.

Make an appointment with the registrar ambtenaar van de burgerlijke stand in the municipality in which you wish to marry or enter into partnership. The registrar will tell you which documents you have to take to the meeting. You will need to appoint at least two and no more than four witnesses.

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This option is not yet available in every municipality. Birth certificate no longer needed When you register an intended marriage or registered partnership, you may not have to show your birth certificate.

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If that is not possible, the Registrar may ask you for your birth certificate after all. If the details cannot be checked in either of these ways, you can make a sworn statement about your birth details.

Religious marriage following a civil marriage After your marriage or registered partnership ceremony has been solemnised by the registrar you may hold a religious ceremony in a church or mosque, if you wish. The religious ceremony may not take place before the civil ceremony. Second, dating a Dutch girl in the Netherlands is a steady affair that reveals itself after a few dates.

This is because Dutch women do not hurry to open up to their men fast. They prefer to spend a few months or even years testing their partners in different situations before they start thinking about having kids and getting married.

One of the interesting Dutch dating culture characteristics is that marriage takes a lot of time for local women: they date their partner for a few months or years, then move in together, have a kid, and only after that women agree to get married.

What do I need to take into account if I decide to marry or enter into a registered partnership?

This is because Dutch girls want to make sure their partners can face different life obstacles without the desire to break up. Third, sex plays a very important role in a relationship with a Dutch girl. Women from the Netherlands do not postpone intimate relationships after they get acquainted with men.

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A typical scenario for Dutch women and foreign men With everything stated above in mind, you can imagine what your dating scenario with a Dutch lady will be: first, you are likely to meet somewhere in a big city in the Netherlands.

You will have a drink at a local bar or nightclub on Friday night and decide to meet the next day to ride a bike.

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Your potential girlfriend will show you the most interesting corners of the city that tourists rarely hear about. After that, you will head to a nearby restaurant to have dinner, and your date will likely end up in your hotel room or at her home.

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The next days and weeks will depend on your plans: if you intend to leave the Netherlands soon, you will either break up or plan your next visit to the country. In case you live in the neighboring countries, she may travel to you as well; however, if you live on the other side of the globe but you like each other a lot, you will chat every day through messengers and video call apps.

However, gender is becoming a less important factor in determining a person s role or duty in the family. Women often have equal rights and the opportunity to choose their form of contribution to the household dynamic. Some Dutch women may work part-time to allow for flexibility in caring for their children. It is also becoming common for both parents to choose part-time employment so that the couple can take turns tending to the household and children while the other works.

Dating and Marriage Dating practices in the Netherlands are similar to those throughout the English-speaking West.