Dating Adultery

Having a new partner whose history includes criminal behavior, domestic violence, mental health problems or drug or alcohol abuse may limit parenting time with your children and eliminate your chance of becoming the primary residential parent.

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Alimony payments may be reduced if the recipient begins living with a new partner before or after the divorce is final since overall household income will change. Conversely, the person paying alimony can feel free to move in with someone since the payer s cohabitation that will not affect the amount of alimony being paid.

South Carolina Divorce Laws & Questions

Practical Issues Starting a new relationship may assist or hinder resolution of divorce issues. Going through divorce is emotional.

People feeling hurt or abandoned frequently fight over small issues simply to get back at the other person. Constant battles over relatively minor issues increase both the time required and the cost to complete a divorce.

Is dating during divorce adultery

Finding new companionship often provides a needed distraction from the divorce. A desire to move on often replaces the desire to do battle. Issues that seemed important may no longer appear so critical. The promise of a new and enjoyable relationship can provide the impetus to resolve the divorce more quickly. If you begin a new relationship, avoid posting details of your dating life on social media.

Jealousy can quickly lead to bitterness and a prolonged, expensive divorce.

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Attorney-client communications are privileged and cannot be revealed. If you are considering dating while separated, you should first discuss the matter with your spouse.

Consider the effect on your children. It is not a crime to do so, and the court is not going to order you not to date.

However, dating during your separation poses some potential risks. For one, you may be giving your spouse the ability to file for divorce on fault-based grounds.

Dating While Separated

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